Anderson Leadership Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

Building the Inner Capacity to Lead®

     Dr. Anderson is founder and principal of Anderson Leadership Coaching and Consulting (ALCC), which helps established and emerging leaders perform at their best. Dr. Anderson’s work with ALCC builds on his two decades of experience working with and developing executives and leaders in complex organizations, along with his training in both psychology and in professional and personal coaching.

     Dr. Anderson views leadership development as an ongoing, never-ending process, and that developing as a leader is important whether you are in a designated leadership “position” or not. Part of the emphasis of ALCC is helping leaders build their inner capacity to lead through developing attributes such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and character strengths (among others) in order to assist them in becoming more focused, compassionate, and resilient leaders.

    Services offered by ALCC include:

Professional and personal coaching. Dr. Anderson works collaboratively with leaders to help them identify and achieve their professional or personal goals. These goals might involve becoming more effective or accomplishing new milestones in their current position, transitioning to a new job or identifying a different career path, preparing for retirement, or balancing professional and personal goals. Regardless of the goals, Dr. Anderson works in partnership with leaders to facilitate their success, however they define it.

Group educational experiences. Dr. Anderson offerings include presentations, workshops, and retreats on leadership topics that can be customized to meet the group’s needs. These educational offering can be scheduled for a few hours, a few days (such as a workshop or retreat), or as a weekly series. Some of the topics might include, but are not limited to the following:

• The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®;
• Emotional Intelligence and Leadership;
• Mindful and Contemplative Leadership;
• Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness using Character Strengths;
• Inclusion, Diversity, and Leadership (in collaboration with Arrendondo Advisory Group);
• Team-building (in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership)

Leadership Assessments. Both the individual coaching and group educational activities of ALCC can be supplemented by quantitative assessments that can provide participants with valuable information on how they see themselves, and how others see them, as leaders. Leaders frequently find that these assessments are quite enlightening, and can be very helpful in assisting them to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

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